Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 Winter War Patch Notes

Activision has announced the release of the new Call of Duty Mobile: Winter War Season.

The latest Call of Duty Mobile update brings Season 13: Winter War on December 21 at 4:00 p.m. PT. Players should expect a new Battle Pass, the new map of Nuketown Russia, a holiday theme for raid, battle royale changes, cosmetics, and new modes.

Here is the overview:

Snow maps and getting to the multiplayer mode

This season brings back two popular multiplayer maps, Nuketown and Raid, all of which are decked out with an abundance of snowfall and holiday surprises for the winter.

Nuketown Russia

First seen in Black Ops 4In Nuketown, Russia, the classic multiplayer map from the US is being moved and placed at a nuclear test site in snowy Chernobyl.

Take a position between the cars and cut off enemies running through the street, or take your risk in one of the two buildings – just watch your back so you don’t get rooted out of your seat on the second floor . Whatever tactic you use, be ready to engage in heated hand-to-hand combat with the snow sure to sizzle at your feet.

Holiday Raid

The holiday spirit has arrived on your favorite luxury vacation in Holiday Raid. The manor house and the property are covered with snow and decorated with holiday joy.

But don’t try to lull yourself into the extravagant surroundings as the competition is sure to be fierce. Is that a gift under the tree or the barrel of an enemy’s gun? Throw out an explosive gift just to be sure.

New multiplayer mode – Grind

What better way to ring in the holiday cheer than with a new multiplayer mode? First introduced in Modern WarfareGrind combines the rules of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint to create tactical chaos at its finest.

Confirm kills by picking up dog tags from fallen players and transporting them to designated locations on the map. If you get taken out along the way, drop any collected tags. So keep your head on a vortex as you try to collect your points.

Earn more rewards in the Winter War Battle Pass

In Season 13, get ready to see a host of new levels of free and premium content, including new Operators, weapon plans, spells, a new scorestreak, a new functional weapon, and more. Here are some highlights that you can expect:

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Reach Tier 14 and expect to unlock the free EMP Systems Scorestreak, which will shut down and disorient the other team with an attack that disables enemy electronics, disables attachments, tactics, and scorestreaks. And if they’re not hard-wired, you can disrupt the enemy HUD as well.

At level 21 you can unlock the free Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle, a new functional weapon originally seen in Black Ops 3. The Peacekeeper Mk2 will have a unique double-row magazine. Expect this to be released in the Battle Pass along with an epic version.

Premium Pass levels

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock 50 levels of content in the Winter War Battle Pass.

Add new winter-themed character skins to your operator roster and expect some well-known CIA agents to drop by with the Premium Pass, including Golem – Siberia.

Also, expect the Premium Pass to add several new blueprint weapons to the mix, such as the GKS – Pack Warrior. With the Winter War Premium Pass you are ready for any engagement in any weather.

Destroy the slopes in Battle Royale

Ski Town just got even more interesting with the addition of a rocket propelled snowboard to the Battle Royale isolated map. The snowboard can be stored in your character’s backpack so you can easily switch between the slopes and the descent. It can also be used out of range. Perform tricks like 360 ​​° and 720 ° grips to excite your enemies before sending them off into the afterlife.

To accommodate the snowboard, a passable cable car and a ski slope await you in Ski Town. See you on the slopes.

Seasonal challenges and events

The Winter War offers many well-earned rewards through new seasonal challenges and events. Lace up your boots for the Holiday Bonanza event with Holiday Raid and Winter Prop Hunt and prepare for the marquee event: On the Brink.

Take part in the On the Brink event

The best way to defeat your enemy is to know their strengths, weaknesses and plans to attack. In the main event of this season, it is your job to activate and use sleep agents to infiltrate the city centers.

Expect to activate new spies by playing multiplayer and battle royale. Along the way, you can unlock weapon sets that offer a recruitment bonus. Do your job to earn new epic items, along with a selection of other rare and unusual weapons and items.

Earn a new weapon and a multiplayer bonus

Along with the new Seasonal Challenges of the Winter War, you will see some great new rewards, including a new functional weapon and a new multiplayer perk.

Complete challenges and expect to unlock the QXR, a new SMG designed to crush your enemies. It has a wide variety of gunsmith attachments that you can use to launch perfect melee attacks.

You can also earn the new Restock Bonus for bombarding your enemies with deadly and tactics. Restock charges these items over a period of 25 seconds, including the battle ax for even more sick trick shots.

A new mythical weapon is coming soon

Expect a new Mythic Weapon to be released in season 13. This powerful blueprint weapon uses the PeaceKeeper MK2 in the core, but this core is an exquisite weapon and a unique design made of meteorites made of ice and magma. The sphere is wrapped in magma, creating a sphere tracer that is filled with hints of red, yellow, and something alien. This mythical weapon brings a number of brand new customization options.

Source: Call of Duty Blog