BSY, HDK spike speaks of a merger of their parties | India News

BENGALURU: Days after that BJP and JD (S) came together with the common goal of ousting Prathap Chandra Shetty as Chairperson of the legislative council, CM BS Yediyurappa and his Predecessor HD Kumaraswamy On Sunday there were reports of possible mergers between the parties.
In a statement, Yediyurappa said it was out of the question to include JD (S) lawmakers in BJP or work for a merger of the parties, and said understanding with JD (S) was limited to a one-off event to Shetty to displace. “There is no reason for such a development,” said the statement. He said the opposition expressed by JD (S) to the controversial anti-cow slaughter legislation has forced BJP to look into the path of the regulation, suggesting that the State party on issues central to BJP cannot be an ally.
speculation In recent months, it has been widespread that when Yediyurappa is asked by BJP to step down as CM, he is floating a party, with the help of JD (S), in its quest to stay in power.