Boris Johnson to be the main guest on Republic Day, Great Britain says “great honor”

Boris Johnson will be the main guest on Republic Day, Britain says

Boris Johnson’s visit to India next month will be his first major bilateral office since taking office.

New Delhi:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted India’s “very generous” invitation to be the main guest on Republic Day at next month’s celebrations in Delhi, the British Foreign Secretary said today, calling it “a great honor”. This will be Boris Johnson’s “first major bilateral visit” since he took office last year, his office said.

“I am very excited to visit India next year at the start of an exciting year for Global Britain and I look forward to making the quantum leap in our bilateral relationship that Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and I have pledged,” the UK Prime Minister said in one Explanation.

He is only the second British leader since India’s independence to take part as a guest of honor in the Republic Day parade in Delhi after John Major in 1993.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said his presence at the annual celebrations was “in some ways a symbol of a new era and a new phase in India-UK relations”.

Boris Johnson has also invited PM Modi to attend the G7 summit in the UK next year, said UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab; India would be one of the three host countries. Mr Raab arrived in Delhi this morning on a four-day visit to India and was greeted by the Foreign Minister.

“I am delighted that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited Prime Minister Modi to attend the UK-hosted G7 Summit next year. The UK Prime Minister has also accepted the very generous invitation to attend the Indian Republic Day celebrations in January, which a is a great honor. ” he said this afternoon.

“The UK Foreign Secretary comes at a very important time because we are looking at a post-COVID world and a post-Brexit world from the UK perspective. This is the right time to debate.” Said Jaishankar when Dominic Raab visited.


The UK Prime Minister “will use his visit to India to foster cooperation in areas that are important to the UK and which will be a priority for our international engagement during 2021 – from trade and investment to defense and security on health and climate change, “office said.

“The UK and India are major investors and markets for each other’s economies. Our growing trade and investment relationship is around £ 24 billion a year and supports more than half a million jobs. There are 842 Indian companies in the UK with total sales of £ 41.2 billion creating jobs in all four corners of the UK, “he added.

Boris Johnson called India “an increasingly indispensable partner for the UK” and called the country the “pharmacy of the world” in comments that are gaining traction at a time when the coronavirus war rages on.

“As the ‘world’s pharmacy’, India supplies more than 50 percent of the world’s vaccines. Over a billion doses of the UK’s Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine are made at the Indian Serum Institute in Pune,” he said.

The UK approved Pfizer’s vaccine earlier this month. In India, three vaccine manufacturers, including the American company Pfizer, recently approached the drug controller DCGI for emergency approval.