Black Ops Cold War Zombies mishaps Treyarch forgot to fix in patch 1.09

Bugs, glitches, and games are a game that was made in heaven. As developers attempt to fix these through patches, they either leave some off the list or bring out new ones. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season one had a similar story. With a multitude of new content, the update also introduced many new errors and malfunctions.

Of all the game modes, the Zombies mode was hit the hardest. Many players lost their game progress and many had countless problems. Treyarch has released a patch to address most of these issues. Even after patch 1.09, however, certain glitches persist.

The glitches include a path under the map as well as specific spots where zombies stop chasing players. YouTuber MAYTRICKS made a video that covers all the work disruptions in the game. Make sure to use some of these in your next zombies and quickly surf through these levels.

Boost to places where zombies can’t reach you and go under the map in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The first mistake helps players’ knives to start on a roof off the map. Players can charge the runway with a knife and jump on a zombie, causing them to fly off the map. Once in the air they can find a spot outside and stay there for the rest of the game while killing zombies. Remember to keep jumping and not get killed by flying zombie pieces.

One of the most interesting glitches on the map has players go underneath where they can kill zombies without being harmed by them. First, players will need a stun grenade, splinter, and a self-revitalizing kit. Next, lead a zombie to the spot shown in the video and climb onto the chair. Stun the zombie in its place and use it to jump onto a ledge. Once at the top of the ledge, players can use the fragment to lower themselves.

After the failure, players can use the self-revive kit to revive themselves. While the resuscitation is complete, players must spam the jump button. If everything goes according to plan, players wake up under the map. Zombies including bosses will follow them and players can shoot them under the map for as long as they want.

For the next mistake, go to the pack-a-punch machine. There are two stacks here where the zombies attacking players bend down. One is on a ledge by the machine and the other is on the stairs. Just hop on these spots and shoot zombies while they have no idea.

Aside from these, there are various other glitches from before, such as the infinite C4 glitch that Treyarch forgot to fix. Take advantage of these mishaps at the upcoming Double XP events. Or at least until the developers put in a fix for them.