Birthday Special: Bapu ‘Ray’ … If you think about it, be careful! –

Bapu Jayanti, the director who gave elegance to Telugu cinema today. Bapu brush is not a beautiful beauty. Bapu did not turn to the lines on Telugu soil. There is no writing beyond Bapu in the verses. That’s the situation with the films that Bapu unveiled on the screen! His fans do not take the success of Bapu films seriously. If Bapu is a movie, their minds will be thrilled. The eyes that saw Bapu’s acrobatics and his screen ‘pictures’ were dazzled. Mesmerized. From Bapu’s first film ‘Sakshi’ to his last film ‘Sriramarajyam’, he was among the jazz of the fans. With the exception of one and a half of them, all have the writings of my dear friend Mullapudi Venkataramana.

Unprecedented alliance

It is very rare for them to stand as a testament to the extraordinary friendship in the picture. Among such, the Bapu-Ramana friendship continues to be unique to this day. The bond between Ramana Ratha and Bapu Geeta was formed before the duo entered Chitraseema. In the field of cinema, Ramana Rata and Bapu Theeta have captivated the masses. Until then, Bapu had proven that it was Teete who had hidden the cameras in the studios amidst the dark lights in Pallasimal. Ramana is a ‘witness’ to that.

Bapu Chitrayanam

If Arudra pen utters “Amma kadupu challaga …”, who can forget Bapu Tita if Mama Mahadevan’s lyrics are added and Sushilamma’s voice is added to them? Bapu, who looked good with the first film, then went his own way. That is why Ramana’s writing always went hand in hand. The lion’s share of Bapu’s films are Mahadevan Bani’s friends. The long journey went on with the song Arudra.

The same Bapu means …

The heroines in Bapu’s paintings are as enchanting as the dolls from Bapu’s brush. Born in Godavari, Bapu had many successes in his repeated attempts to show the beauty of Godaramma in his paintings. His toy was Geeshake, the eye of the photographer running along with it. Thus the Telugu word ‘Bapu Frame’ was lit. It was in those lights that the next generation of creators ran. Ghanu Mana Bapu who brought craze to ‘Socio Mythical Fantasy’ in Telugu movies. Before that there was no such tune. Bapu is undoubtedly credited with bringing a new elegance to that style. The dialogues in the Bapu movies were also frugal. With that the film was ripe. Tickling. Whether it was a Bapu doll on paper or a picture he painted on the silver screen, it made Telugu people want to see it again and again.

Ramanamame till the end …

Paramaramabhakta is our Sattiraju Lakshminarayana. Bapu’s full name is the same. Bapu performed many experiments with Ramanamasmarana and showed the first colorful ‘Sampurnaramayanam’ to the Telugu people and rang Vijayadhanka. Then the story of the northern Ramayana and the popular ‘Sri Ramanjaneya war’ was depicted on the screen. Finally, the story of Lavakushu in the northern Ramayana is shown in ‘Sriramarajyam’ and completed. Later the two friends first joined Ramana and then Lakshminarayana in that Ramu. Who said they were gone? Ramana writings and Bapu scratches continue to tickle. Ramana’s words and Bapu’s pictures do not rest on their laurels. Bapu Ray is a human being who does not seem to mind.