Big teams .. Small scores: Why worth it?

26, 36, 45, 47 .. Whose score is so much know!

‘Cricket is a weird game’ .. little is said about this word! Because there are more and more cases of people saying that over and over again. Australia, India‌ Rose Test is another example. The first day was dominated by the Aussies. On the second day, Team India tightened its grip. On the third day, the same team was limited to 36 runs and lost the worst. A similar situation was faced not only by Pasikuna but also by the above teams. Even though they are big teams by name, the way they scored small is amazing!

England‌ ’45 ‘

England has the experience to play the most Test matches in the world. Because that’s where this game originated. The team that played the first Test in 1877 has played 1028 matches so far. 373 won and 306 lost. 349 drawn. The lowest score by an English team in a Test innings was 45. Played against Australia in 1887. All but George Lohmann (17) were limited to one digit score. In the 20th century, the West Indies collapsed to 46K in the second innings in 1994. Sir Courtley Ambrose 6/24 fires raged. Courtney Walsh‌ 3/16 accompanied him. In England, none other than Alex Stewart (18) scored twice.

Aussies ’36’

Australia has played the most Tests after England. The Kangaroos have played 831 Tests so far, winning 393 and flying 225. 211 drawn. The Aussies’ lowest score was 36, which was the address for the big scores when they faced England in 1936. England declared first innings at 376/9. Wilfred Rhodes is sure to upset the Aussies with the 7/17 boom. In the 20th century, South Africa were all out for 47 in the second innings. First the Aussies did 284. Instead safaris crash 96K. The team’s bowlers boomed in the second innings. Vernon Philander 5/15, Morne Morkel 3/9 points. Nathan Lyon (14) is the top scorer on the team with Ponting, Watson, Hughes, Hussey and Haddin.

Windies’ ’47’

The West Indies’ tour of the 1970s left the host nations trembling. The lowest score by such a team was 47. The incident took place during the 2004 Test against England at Kingston. First the Windies‌ scored 311 runs. England‌ 339 did. The Caribbean side were bowled out for 7/12 by Steve Harmison and Matthew Hoggard 2/21 in the second inning. England then won comfortably. The Windies have 550 Test experience. 175 won and 199 lost. Another 175 were drawn.

India ’36’

India are the fourth team to play the most Tests in international cricket. 543 Audi 157 won. 168 defeated. 217 drawn. Team India’s lowest score in the long format is 36. It happened in the first pink match against Australia (2020). Kohlisena was first bowled out for 244. The Aussies finished the first innings at 191. However, India, who started the second innings, were restricted to a low score by Jose Hazlewood 5/8 and Pat Cummins 4/21. Earlier, Team India had a low score of 42. The Lord’s match was against England in 1974.

Kiwis ’26’

New Zealand is another team that has played over 400 Tests. Over time it has produced a number of excellent Test players. The Kiwis played 444 Tests, winning 103 and losing 175. 166 drawn. The lowest score by a team is 26. This is the lowest score by a team in an innings in Test history. The humiliation took place in 1955 at the hands of England. The Kiwis first scored 200 and England 246. Bob Appleyard 4/7, Brian Statham 3/9, Frank Tyson 2/10 in the second innings boosted the Kiwis to 26K. The innings gave their team a 20-run victory. After the 20th decade, in 2013, South Africa lost 45k.

South Africa ’30’

South Africa is a strange situation in the long format. Four times in a row the team recorded the lowest scores. In 1896 and 1924, 30K were won by England respectively. Again in 1899 at the hands of the same team was defeated by 35. In 1932 it collapsed to 36 at the hands of the Aussies. The lowest score since the 20th century was 73. It took place in the 2018 Sri Lanka match at the Galle venue. The Lancashire bowlers were bowled out for 351 in the second innings. Top order players like Elgar, Amla, Bauma, Duplessis were limited to one digit score due to Dilruwan Pereira 6/32 and Rangana Herath 3/38. 22 * highest score by Vernon Philander.

Pak ’49’

Pakistan is one of the countries that has not beaten the top teams in the world. It was once the address for excellent pacers, speedsters who throw balls bouncing on batsmen. Pakistan have played 431 Tests so far, winning 138 and losing 131. 162 matches drawn. Its lowest score in Tests was 49. Johannesburg was the venue where it suffered a setback at the hands of South Africa in 2013. First the Safaris scored 253 runs. Pakistan then went on to bat in the first innings, collapsing to 49K in 29.1 overs. Dale Steyn 6/8, Philander 2/16, Jacques Kallis 2/11. With the exception of Azhar Ali (13) and Misbah-ul-Haq (12), no one scored twice.

Sri Lanka ’71 ‘

Ireland is the smallest team to score the least, with the exception of the 400+ Test playing nations. In the final innings against England in 2019, he scored 38 runs in 15.4 overs. Bangladesh’s lowest score of over 100 in Tests is 43. North Sound hosts the West Indies in 2018 with 18.4 overs in the first innings. Zimbabwe’s lowest score was 51. Napier were bowled out for 28.5 overs in the first innings against New Zealand in 2012. Sri Lanka’s low score of 289 in Tests was 71. Candy collapsed to 28.2 overs in the first innings of the 1994 match against Pakistan.

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