Big jump of Congress, 5 ministers and 14 MLAs passed, BJP suffered heavy losses

In these elections, 6 Congress MLAs and 2 Congress supporters failed in the test of the independent legislative body.

In these elections, 6 Congress MLAs and 2 Congress supporters failed in the test of the independent legislative body.

In the elections held for the heads of 50 local bodies in Rajasthan, the Congress (Congress) has made a big jump, while the BJP (BJP) has suffered a big loss. In these elections, the Congress has made its head in 36 bodies, while the BJP has been successful in only 12.

Jaipur. After the councilor, now the Congress (Congress) has dominated the elections for the heads of bodies. Despite having a clear majority in 15 bodies, with the help of independents, the Congress has made its head in 36 bodies. Whereas BJP (BJP) had a clear majority in 4 bodies. BJP has made its body chief in 12 bodies more than three times by majority. BJP has suffered a big loss this time. In 2015, the BJP had presidents in 34 bodies. Congress has made a big jump compared to last time. The Congress has made nearly three times more body heads than last time. Of the 50 urban bodies, 36 have become Congress presidents, while in 12, BJP bodies have become heads. Independents have been made president in 2 bodies.

5 Congress ministers and 14 MLAs have passed in the election of the head of the body. The bodies of Congress have become heads in their fields. 6 Congress MLAs and 2 Congress-backed Independent MLAs have failed in the elections for the head of the body. Congress MLAs Ramnarayan Meena, Ganga Devi, Deepchand Kharia, Johari Lal Meena, Babulal Bairwa and Jagdishchand Jangid were neither able to get Congress boards nor heads of bodies in their respective bodies. Similarly, Congress-backed Independent Ramkesh Meena could not win the Congress in Gangapur. Bilarada MLA Hiraram has passed in a fellowship in a municipality. In Bilada municipality, BJP has become president while Pipadcity has become the president of Congress in the municipality.

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These 5 ministerial bodies of Congress passed the test

– Pramod Jain Bhaya: President of Congress in Anta, President of Congress in Baran Municipal Council.
– Parasadilal Meena: President of Congress in Lalsot.
– Lalchand Kataria: Board and President of Congress in Jobner.
– Rajendra Yadav: President of Congress in Kotputli.
– Bhajanlal Jatav: President of Congress both in Vair and Bhusavar Municipality.

13 Congress and one Congress supporter Independent MLA pass

Vishvendra Singh: In Deeg and Kumher, the Congress did not contest the symbol. Here the Congress formed a board of independent independents. Became president of Congress at both places. Vishvendra Singh’s strategy worked.
Jogindra Singh Awana: Municipal President of Congress in Nadbai municipality.
Wajib Ali: President of Congress in Municipal Corporation.
Zahida Khan: President of Congress in Kaman Municipality.
Vedprakash Solanki: President of Congress in Chaksu.
Indraj Gurjar: For the first time in Viratnagar, the Board and President of the Congress.
Murarilal Meena: Chairman of Congress in Dausa Municipal Council.
GR Khatana: President of Congress in Bandikui municipality.
Girraj Singh Malinga: President of Congress in Bari Municipality.
Rohit Bohra: President of Congress in Rajkheda municipality.
Danish Abrar: Chairman of Congress in Sawaimadhopur Municipal Council.
Bharosilal Jatav: President of Congress in Hindaun Municipality.
PR Meena: Board of Congress in Todabhim.
Lakhan Singh Meena: Chairman of Congress in Karauli Municipal Council.
Congress-backed Independent Alok Beniwal: President of Congress in Shahpura.
Congress-backed Independent Baljeet Yadav: Became the municipal president of Congress in Bahrod for the first time. Here uncontested became the president.

These 6 more supporters of Congress failed in the test of 2 independent legislative bodies

– Ramnarayan Meena: President of BJP in Etawah Municipality.
– Ganga Devi: Independent in Bagru.
– Deepchand Kharia: BJP President in Khairthal and Kishangarhbas.
– Johari Lal Meena: BJP President in Rajgarh Municipality.
Babulal Bairwa: BJP President in Khedli.
– Jagdish Chand Jangid: BJP President in Sadulshahar Municipality.
– Congress-backed Independent Ramkesh Meena: BJP President in Gangapur Municipality.
– Bilara MLA Hiraram passed in one fellowship in a municipality: BJP in Bilada municipality, Congress president in Pipar City municipality.