Biden’s victory is final

  • Certified Electoral‌ College
  • Biden says democracy has won

Washington, Dec 15: Joe Biden has been elected the next president of the United States. Members of the Electoral College, which met on Monday, elected Biden as president and Kamala Harris as vice president. It is part of a lengthy presidential election process. In fact American voters do not vote directly for the presidential candidate. Vote for Electors. They then elect a president. The new president will be sworn in on January 20. In the December 3 presidential election, Biden won 306 electoral votes, while Trump was limited to 232 votes. Trump, however, does not accept his defeat. With the latest development, he is no longer in a position to leave the White House. Biden responded: “Democracy has won in the end. He said that the torch of democracy was lit many years ago in the country and no epidemic or abuse of power could stop it. Emphasized that the time for change was imminent.