BCCI has decided to terminate my employment relationship: GM KVP Rao | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The Board of Control for cricket in India (BCCI) GM CIP Rao was asked to leave and Rao thanked the board for having the opportunity to contribute to the gentleman’s game in the country. He also said it was the best day of his life as the resignation will give him ample opportunity to develop his professional skills elsewhere.
In an email to government associations that ANI accesses, Rao wrote: “This email is intended to inform you that BCCI has decided to terminate my employment on December 22nd, 2020, the best day of my life, since this termination offers me numerous opportunities to develop my professional skills elsewhere. ”
He also thanked the BCCI state associations for their help in organizing national games, including the 2018-19 season which saw more than 2000 games played.
“I was the beneficiary of the unrestricted support from the officials and the employees of the regional associations, who really made a great contribution to the successful implementation of all the tasks assigned to me. A successful 2018-19 season, more than 2000 games, unimaginable without the support of the regional associations almost impossible, “he continued.
He continued to write, as he had always tried to be honest about the job he was given. “I have tried to be very honest with my work and I take pride in the fact that I can do whatever I can to help cope with the tasks assigned to me by the BCCI, which include two ICC World Championships hosted by India in 2013 (Women -World Cup)) and 2016 (ICC T20 World Cup men and women) as Tournament Operations Manager. Needless to say, both events were very successful and professional. I have learned a lot in these 10 years that will serve me well in the future will. “he said.