Band of Horns and Hooves: Turkish city terrorized by a goat, sheep and three lambs

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Updated: December 16, 2020, 7:13:24 pm

Turkey, Turkish community, a goat, a sheep and three lambs are terrorizing Turkey, Nevşehir, the hoof and horn gang, CCTV footage, trends, Indian Express, Indian Express NewsThe authorities were alerted and the animals were rounded up and locked up at a facility called Animal Town.

The people of the central Turkish city of Nevşehir were recently “taken hostage” by a gang of five who wreaked havoc on the streets. The gang consisted of a goat, a sheep and three lambs.

CCTV footage shared by the Nevşehir Municipality’s official Twitter handle shows the animals wandering into the building and running at security guards as they try to evict them. The “gang” of “horns and hooves” are also attacking people trying to enter the building and those nearby.

“We were captured by 1 sheep, 1 goat, 3 lambs,” reads the caption of the video, which has now gone viral on several social media platforms.

Watch them Video here:

According to local reports, the animals were later rounded up and held in a facility called Animal Town. They were then returned to their owners.

This is how internet users reacted:

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