Bahabahi in the Karnataka Policy Council

Congress MLCs who locked up the Deputy Chairman

Bangalore: An amalgamation took place in the Karnataka Legislative Council. As soon as the meeting started, the Congress MLAs locked the Deputy Chairman of the Parishad, Dharmagouda, from his chair. All the members there marched towards Bahabahi. BJP members tried to block Congress members. There was a situation in the House where it was not understood what was actually going on. The Congress alleges that the BJP and the JDS illegally sat the chairman in court. The House criticized the chairman for stepping down when he was not in custody. The Congress claims that the BJP and the JDS have committed unconstitutional acts and had to do so to rectify the mistake.

At present, the BJP is the ruling party in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, while the Opposition has the strength in the Parishad. In the latest MLC elections, the BJP won 4 seats and increased its strength in the upper house to 31. Political supremacy is changing hands as this number is not decisive. During the alliance between the Congress and the JDS, the opposition dominated the council.

That is the move of the Congress

The move by the Congress is to secure a seat in the council and give a convincing answer to the ruling party. The cooperation of the JDS is essential to thwart the BJP. With the JDS already cooperating with the APMC in the council for the passage of several labor bills, the Congress has come up with the idea. The Congress is likely to walk out of the no-confidence motion if it gets support from JDS members at the latest meeting of the council. The Congress refused when the JDS insisted on giving them the council presidency during the coalition government. Former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy, who is on a rampage in retaliation against the Congress, is reportedly ready to put an end to his old friend. The rhetoric seems to have taken place in the wake of the latest political developments.

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