Baby doll Kanika, who came into the limelight in the Corona era, will revive with a new song – kanika kapoor bollywood singer comeback with new song coronavirus lockdown tmov

When the corona virus was spreading rapidly in the country in its early days, then Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor was the first Bollywood celebrity whose corona test was found positive. The news of Kanika being found Corona positive spread like fire in the country and there was uproar all around. Kanika has been away from the news since this incident. Now once again Kanika Kapoor is in discussion about her song.

Actually, Jackie Bhagnani’s jjust music and Zee Music’s new song Jugni has been released. In this song, Kanika Kapoor is once again seen in tremendous form. Kanika herself can also be seen in a different style in the video with a great voice. Kanika’s voice will make the audience tremble. The song also features singer and artist Mumji Stranger.

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Released a few hours ago on YouTube, this song has received more than one lakh views so far. Earlier, Kanika Kapoor shared a teaser on social media. While sharing the teaser, he wrote – Are you ready to meet Jugni? This is the first time the song has been released together from Judgest Music and Zee Music. In the new year of 2021, this papi song of Kanika is ready to strike a different stage.

Let me tell you that in March 2020, after Kanika was found corona positive, there was a ruckus. Kanika was accused of trying to hide the fact that she was Corona positive and joined the parties. Later on returning from the hospital, Kanika herself came forward and presented a clarification on these things.