Austria Vienna 80 years old man collected 80 luxury cars

Vienna: Many celebrities and even billionaires would be jealous if they saw an adult car in the present moment when the desire to own a beautiful house and a luxury car remains a beautiful dream for the average person. Even those he bought were not such cars .. the most expensive cars in the world. He has been buying cars for the last five decades and owns 80 cars to suit his age of 80. Not only buying cars to suit the taste .. but also setting up a great garage. Another highlight was the transformation of his garage, known as the ‘living room’, into an even more expensive building. This can be understood as his obsession with luxury cars.

Ottoker J, 80, of Vienna, the capital of Austria, is credited with collecting 80 luxury cars. Collecting luxury cars has been fun for Zeku for decades. Ottoker recently bought the J80th Porsche Baxter Spider car and turned the whole world on its side. In 1972, Ottoker bought the first Porsche. He has been filling his garage with various Porsche models ever since. Almost 50 years ago one day as he was walking on the road a Porsche car crashed into his side. And since then the love for them has gone insane. It is in this context that people save money and buy more cars. So the first Porsche Speed ​​Yellow 911 brought this car home.

Currently J Garage has 38 different Porsche model cars. He was the only one who said that he would use it once a day for a month and once a week for two weeks. Recently owned a Miami Blue color Porsche Boxster Spider car. Another advantage is that the first customer is the only one. Models such as race cars and Porsche 910, 917, 956, 904, 964 cups with eight-cylinder engines are available in the ion garage. If there is no human touch .. Porsche cars are just machines .. with the help of the same people .. they are also like living people .. says Muripenga J .. looking at the beautiful gallery in his garage ..