Aunt who dumped the baby in the bathtub

His own aunt misbehaved with a nine-year-old uncle who went to the toy let in pants. Crushing badly .. dropped in the bathtub. The tragedy took place in the US state of Pennsylvania. Going into full details .. Jamie Line Jackson has two children under the age of twelve. With whom her nephew Michelle Stover plays.

The nine-year-old was furious when a toy was thrown wherever she went. With this .. without even seeing that he was a small child .. he was taken to the room and the film tortured him. His body was burned with cigarettes. The plaster was wrapped tightly around the neck and applied brutally. She then wrapped him in a boat and dropped him in the bathtub. She did not move her mind as he could not get out of it and he was giggling. Left in his bathtub for 24 to 48 hours

The offense, on the other hand, cleaned up all his room without going outside. Seeing this, her cousin became suspicious and informed the police. But as soon as the police reached the house, the damage was done. The life of the pacifist was lost in the gall. Jackson was arrested by police on suspicion of causing his death.

She was arraigned in court on Dec. 2 and sentenced to life in prison for murder, concealment of death, tampering with evidence, and torture. Shocking things also came to light in the Stowere autopsy report. His head, legs, neck, arms and legs were found to have serious injuries. It turned out that there was bleeding in the brain. The report also states that there were burn marks with cigarettes on private parts.