Attack on Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan: Chinese Ambassador Staying at Quetta Serena Hotel Where Parking Lot Blast Balochistan liberation army


  • Explosion targeting Chinese ambassador’s hotel in Quetta, Pakistan
  • Chinese ambassador was not present at the hotel during the blast, narrowly escaped life
  • Local people are opposing CPEC, the minister said – Our own people are involved in terrorist work

The rebels, who are angry with the increasing interference of China in Pakistan, are carrying out continuous attacks. On Wednesday, rebels in Quetta targeted a Chinese ambassador and blew up a hotel with explosives. The rebels were informed that the Chinese ambassador is staying at the Serena Hotel in Quetta. However, he was not present at the hotel at the time of the attack. It is being told that at least five people have died in this blast, while more than 12 people have been injured.

80 to 90 kg explosives were kept in the car
Quetta police DIG Azhar Ikram said the explosives were placed in a car. The dead included a policeman stationed outside the hotel. Policemen surrounded the entire area after this attack, which took place at around 10.45 pm. According to the bomb disposal squad, explosives ranging from 80 to 90 kg were used for the blast, which included ball bearings and C4 explosives.

The minister said that our own people are involved in spreading terror
Shortly after the incident, Balochistan Interior Minister Mir Ziaullah Langov said that terrorism in the region continued to grow. Our own people are involved in these acts of terrorism. There were no threats reported prior to the attack. Langov said that the Chinese ambassador was not present at the hotel at the time of the explosion. He told that I have just met the Chinese Ambassador and he is safe.

Pakistan told the hand of enemies of the country
Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani said that a high-level investigation into the incident was being done. He claimed that those involved would not escape the grip of the law. He said that enemies from Pakistan are behind this blast. The death toll has been confirmed by Quetta Deputy Commissioner Aurangzeb Badini.

Suspicion of attack on anti-China Balochistan Liberation Army
The suspicion of this attack is being expressed on the Balochistan Liberation Army operating in that area. The organization has also carried out several attacks on Chinese officials and employees in the past. The same organization is also said to have been involved in the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange last year. In 2006, the Pakistani army killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, the most influential leader of Balochistan at the behest of Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf was also arrested in the year 2013 for his murder. Musharraf had said in his defense at the time that these leaders were demanding a share in the income of oil and mineral production.

Karachi Terror Attack: Who is the Baluchistan Liberation Army, who succumbed to Pakistan’s nose
This organization targets Chinese in opposition to CPEC
The Balochistan Liberation Army has always opposed the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Many times, this organization has also been accused of targeting Chinese citizens working in Pakistan. In 2018, the organization was also accused of assaulting the Chinese Consulate in Karachi. There are allegations that Pakistan took a decision related to CPEC without consulting Baloch leaders.

20 soldiers killed in terrorist attack, who are the ones who inflicted such a huge wound on the Pakistani army?
Balochistan’s strategic position is important for Pakistan
Balochistan is the most important strategic province of Pakistan. Baluchistan, the largest province in Pakistan, borders Afghanistan and Iran. At the same time, Karachi is also in the ranks of these people. A large part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passes through this province. The Baloch also had control over the Gwadar port, which Pakistan has now handed over to China.