Army officer aggravated assault on friend’s wife


Kanpur: The soldier who is supposed to protect the country has become a lover. Convicted of aggravated assault on a friend’s wife. The incident took place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Believing that he had got a promotion and that is why he was giving a party .. he intoxicated his husband .. he raped his wife. She told her drunken husband what had happened. His friend then complained to the police about the Army officer. Police took the accused into custody and registered a case. According to the police, the officer who committed the atrocity is serving as a colonel in the Army. His friend’s wife is a Russian woman. He planned to rape her.

The case is under investigation. A friend of the Army officer who responded to the incident said that the promotion had come and that was why he had called the party and said that he did not expect him to commit such a heinous crime. He said it was a shame to call him his friend. In any case, it is deplorable to remain an Army officer and defend the country and commit such atrocities.