Anushka Sharma who went to the hospital with her father .. what happened

In celebrity couples Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli The couple is a lovely couple. One is a Bollywood top heroine and the other is an Indian cricket captain who has a lot of fans.

However, the two fell in love with each other and got married. Currently Anushka Sharma Ninth month pregnant Everyone knows what exists.

The couple is expected to give birth to a fruitful baby in a few days.

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What about Anushka Sharma going to the hospital with her father? With him Virat Or not? Virat is currently following Anushka for the last few days With Australia He is currently on tour in Australia with Test matches taking place Anushka His father is taking care of his responsibilities despite being embarrassed by the absence of Virat next to him. General checkup For appeared in e Mumbai with his father.

Anushka, who is due to give birth to a fruitful child in January, said she was looking forward to those moments of becoming a father and that is why she did not give up that opportunity under such circumstances. Anushka Delivery Virat wanted to be by his side for the time being.

JanuaryAnushka, who is going to be delivered in, is naturally trying to get a delivery.

Naturally delivery is quick though Film shooting She hopes to participate in s.Anushka Finally Zero His after starring in the film PregnancyIs sharing photos related to with his fans from time to time.

As part of that he was with his father for a general checkup on Thursday Mumbai Anushka’s photos went viral on social media.