Anushka Sharma is expecting her first child with Virat Kohli and is going to see a doctor. See photos, video – Bollywood

Anushka Sharma, who is expecting her first child with her husband Virat Kohli, was seen out and about in Mumbai. She was caught while visiting the doctor’s clinic. She wore a loose black sleeveless midi dress with white sneakers and a face mask to keep the coronavirus at bay.

Anushka is currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy. The baby is expected in January. She has stayed pretty active and has shot for commercials, including one for a pregnancy test kit.

Anushka shared a glimpse of her pregnancy journey on Instagram, much to the delight of her fans. Last week she shared a picture of herself sitting with her feet in a chair with a bowl of food in her hands, joking about losing agility but not losing her appetite. “Looking back at when I was able to sit and eat like this. Now I can’t sit like that, but I can EAT, ”she joked.

Anushka had previously shared a photo of Virat helping her with a difficult yoga pose. In the picture, she did a complex headstand – the Shirshasana – and said that her doctor had recommended that she practice yoga during her pregnancy, “aside from twists and extreme forward bends, but of course with the appropriate and necessary support.”

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“For the Shirshasana, which I have been doing for many years, I made sure that I used the wall as a support and also my very capable husband, who supports me with my balance to be extra safe. This was also done under the supervision of my yoga teacher @eefa_shrof who was practically with me during this session. I am so happy that I was able to continue my practice during my pregnancy, ”she wrote in her post.

Earlier this year, Anushka spoke about the “humiliating” experience of motherhood and wrote on Instagram: “Nothing is more real and humble than experiencing the creation of life within you. If this is out of your control then what is it really? “Virat showered the photo with love and commented:” My whole world in one picture. “

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