Another star couple gets married in Lockdown! – Telugu Post

Tamil hero Vishnu Vishal – Tennis star Gutta Jwala’s love affair is well known. The couple revealed that Gutta Jwala and Vishnu Vishal had also made an engagement earlier. Gutta Jwala was highlighted with more controversies than the game. Jwala Gutta’s love affair with coach Pullela Gopichand was also highlighted in the marriage case. Gutta Jwala Tamil hero Vishnu Vishal fell in love with Chetan Anand for many days after his love, marriage and divorce. The love of those who maintained the channels as a secret suddenly went viral on social media. However, Gutta Jwala and Vishnu Vishal, who got engaged soon, are ready for marriage. Gutta Jwala Tennis Academy started in the middle .. rushed for it. However, the issue of Gutta Jwala wedding and wedding date has not been heard of anywhere.

Gutta Jwala

The media has no information about the actual wedding. No one talked about her marriage except for starting her tennis academy and doing interviews on it. But the shocking thing is that the Gutta Jwala Mehndi celebrations are in full swing in Hyderabad right now. Vishnu Vishal himself shared the news on social media and everyone was shocked to know that Gutta Jwala was getting married. It is a bit surprising that the real Gutta but Vishnu but their marriage has been kept secret till now and is now being revealed. Jwala Gutta and Vishnu Vishal are going to be a family, just like many celebrities are getting married in Lock Down.