Ajwain ke fayde in hindi use carom-seeds in joint pain know health benefits

Because of its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, celery is an effective herb used to treat problems like gas formation, stomach ache, colds and colds. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements are found, which not only relieve the phlegm in the chest, but also give relief in cold and sinus. Celery is especially effective in eliminating the problems caused in winter-

Benefits of celery in case of fever
Soak 5 grams parsley and 1 gram of Giloy juice in 100 ml liters of water overnight due to fever caused by cold and catarrh. After filtering water in the morning, adding a little salt to it and drinking it will provide relief. Boil 5 grams parsley in 50 ml of water and filter it due to fever. Drink half-half water in an interval of 2 hours, there will be benefit.

Celery provides relief from arthritis pain
In winter, swelling and pain from arthritis are greatly increased. 50 milliliters in case of joint pain Put 10 grams parsley in sesame oil and boil it on a low flame. Massage with this oil when it is cold. Make a bundle by grinding 20-20 grams parsley and fenugreek seeds in a thin cloth. Heat this bundle on a pan and apply it carefully on the affected area. In a pot, boil some seeds of celery in water. Wet a cloth in that water and compress the painful area. Grinding the seeds of parsley in a little water and applying it to the affected area also provides relief.

ajwain benefits

Relieve cough and cold
Eating one teaspoon of parsley with a cup of buttermilk provides relief from phlegm caused by cold and cold. Mash one teaspoon of parsley by hand and finely mix it with some jaggery and suck it like a toffee. Put a little parsley in a soft cloth and make a bundle. By heating it on the pan, compressing the chest provides quick relief.

Relieve the pain of periods
Many women have severe pain in their waist and lower abdomen during periods. In this case, taking celery with lukewarm water relieves pain. Keep in mind that celery is hot and should not be used if blood flow is high.

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