Air India Pilots Refuse 5% Paycut Cancellation; Ask to donate it to help build a new parliament

NEW DELHI: Air India (AI) pilots have refused a 5% reverse of their wage cut and asked management to “donate” the funds to build the new parliament. They have also warned of industrial action unless the wage cut is significantly reduced as air traffic revitalizes.
“… the disproportionate unilateral wage cut imposed on pilots on behalf of Covid-19 means a gross decrease of up to 58% of our legal wages as of April 2020 … We have been very patient and demonstrated” The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA, Indian Airlines Former Pilots Union) wrote a letter to AI chairman and chief executive Rajiv Bansal on Thursday entitled “Humiliation of Frontline Workers.”
The letter notes that, to date, 171 AI pilots have tested positive for Covid while performing mission flights during the Vande Bharat pandemic. They claim that with the revival of air travel, pilots have been assured a significant reversal of the wage cut.

“This fact that the current wage cut has fallen by 5% is an utter insult … This ‘generosity’ means a reduction in the current gross wage cut for pilots by around 3% … while the MPs themselves made a cut believes that it is utterly outrageous for us pilots to continue to tolerate this arbitrary massive wage cut of 55% in our gross earnings. We are not accepting this paltry 5% role back in illegal wage cuts and you can advise those concerned to take this 5% for themselves To donate funds to build parliament or PM CARE, “the letter said.
“If we do not see a substantial and timely reduction in this disproportionate wage cut, we will be forced to seek justice through tougher means, including industrial action,” he added.