AIIMS nurses cancel strike after two-hour meeting with hospital administration – News from Delhi

The Nurses Union of Delhi AIIMS broke off its strike on Tuesday evening after meeting the hospital administration for around two hours, despite the Delhi Supreme Court preventing it from continuing its agitation.

Around 5,000 nurses from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) struck here on Monday over their long-standing claims, including those against the Sixth Central Wage Commission.

“They (nurses) broke off their strike and joined their duties,” said AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria to PTI.

The hospital administration, along with representatives from the Ministry of Health, held a meeting at which the union was assured that any “local issues” would be addressed immediately, while those concerning the ministry would be treated separately as early as possible, according to developments.

After the meeting, the Union broke off its strike, the official said.

Demands from the Nurses Union include correcting an anomaly in the setting of starting wages under the Sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC), addressing issues such as the removal of gender reservations on the recruitment of nurses, and contractual appointments, hospital accommodation improvement, and cadre restructuring.