Agricultural unions reject government proposals in writing, SC acts to break blockade India News

NEW DELHI: Farmers’ unions protesting the agricultural laws wrote to the Ministry of Agriculture Wednesday morning rejecting the centre’s December 9th proposal to amend the laws and clarify certain provisions. Peasant leader Darshan Pal the “Sanyukta Kisan Morcha” also called for that center not to defame the farmers Move and “no longer have parallel conversations” with other farmers’ organizations (those who are not involved in protesting the laws).
“As we had expressed concern about these proposals in various roundtables, we did not respond in writing (to the December 9th proposals),” said Pal in his email to the joint secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Vivek Aggarwal.
Farmers representatives said the SC’s intervention was a moral victory for them, but they would continue their agitation on Delhi’s borders until the three farm laws were withdrawn – a demand This has led to a dead end as the center is unwilling to repeal the laws. They said the formation of a committee would only be fruitful if the laws were repealed and representatives from all national and regional agricultural organizations were represented.
They are expected to submit their response to the Supervisory Committee on Thursday, explaining how the core laws will adversely affect farmers’ livelihoods.
“The farmers’ unions had rejected the government’s proposal to set up a committee on December 1. What will the committee overseen by the monitoring committee do if the government is unwilling to repeal the three agricultural laws? Our agitation will continue until the center of our core demand agrees “Avik Saha, Member of the national working group from all over India Kisan Sangharsh Coordinating Committee (AIKSCC), TOI said.
The AIKSCC working group has decided to continue their planned “Shraddhanjali Diwas” (tribute day) on December 20th from 11 am to 1 pm in each village in memory of those who died during the agitation in the past three weeks.
“The Supervisory Committee can and must rule on the constitutionality of the three agricultural laws. However, it is not for the judiciary to determine the feasibility and desirability of these laws. It is between farmers and their elected leaders. The negotiations being overseen by the Supervisory Committee will be wrong Path, “tweeted Yogendra Yadav, another national working group member of the AIKSCC.
Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomarhad insisted in a virtual address on the occasion of the foundation week of Assocham that a large number of farmers had spoken out in favor of the new laws. “Some organizations are involved in the protest movement, but there will be a solution through discussion,” he said.