Actress Shikha Malhotra Suffering Paralysis After Battling With Covid 19

Mumbai: Serving Kovid patients Corona virusBollywood actress Shikha Malhotra has recently recovered from her illness. Coming home from a fight with the epidemic she was recently paralyzed. This was announced by her manager Ashwin Shukla on Tuesday. ‘Shikha was paralyzed. She had a stroke on her right side. Shikha Cooper is currently receiving treatment at the hospital, ”she said. Her fans are shocked to know this. She hopes to recover quickly and return to full health. (Read: Actress Arya Banerjee dies: Key facts revealed)

However, Shikha, a medical student, entered the industry with an interest in acting. She has acted in many Bollywood movies and is known for playing a pivotal role in superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’. In the wake of this, Shikha became a nurse again to provide services to many corona patients in the hospital to serve those affected by Kovid. In this order she also got corona positive‌. However, she has recently returned home in good health after battling the epidemic and is worried about being recently paralyzed. (Read: Our dad’s life was inspiring)