Actress Arya Banerjee Death Was Not Homicide Autopsy Confirmed

Kolkata: Bollywood actress Arya Banerjee died at her residence in Kolkata last week. Banerjee, who starred in several Bollywood movies, has raised many suspicions about his sudden death. However, a recent forensic report revealed that Banerjee had died due to health problems. Doctors confirmed in a forensic report that Banerjee had been suffering from liver related health problems for some time. On this, Kolkata Police Joint Commissioner Muralidhar Sharma said, “Actress Arya Banerjee is not a murderer. No evidence was found at the scene that the murder had taken place. Forensic experts collected body samples at the scene. However, doctors found that Banerjee had alcohol in his stomach at the time of his death, ‘he said. (Read: Suspicious death of actress Arya Banerjee)

Arya Banerjee has been living alone for some time in his apartment in Jodhpur. The order came after Banerjee’s house maid came last Friday and knocked on the door on suspicion of how unresponsive she was and informed the police. According to her, Banerjee was found dead on the bed in her room when the police broke down the door and went inside. Banerjee is the daughter of the late Sitara scholar Pandit Nikhil Banerjee. She played Shakila in ‘The Dirty Picture’, based on the biography of the famous southern actress Silksmith. She has also acted in several Hindi films and is a model in Mumbai.