A virus outbreak in Britain

London: A new type of virus is spreading in Britain. The government says the virus is spreading unchecked. In this context, the lockdown is being implemented again with strict regulations in most parts of the country. Several countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, have suspended flights to Britain. A few other countries are also preparing to implement sanctions. Meanwhile, the British government will hold an emergency meeting on Monday on the corona strain crisis.

In September, scientists discovered a new type of corona in a patient in the country. Concerns have been raised that the virus is spreading rapidly. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there was currently no evidence that the river was more dangerous than the corona virus. Warned not to take this pandemic lightly. Scientists are working to determine the effect of the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also been alerted to the new virus. Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hong Kong has said conditions in his country are alarming because of the new virus.

In the wake of this, the vigilant British government has again resorted to lockdown. Announced the closure of all business and commercial activities other than emergency services. Gyms, movie theaters and barber shops will be closed for two weeks. Imposed tier-4 level sanctions for two weeks across the country.

European countries are on high alert in the wake of the situation in Britain. As part of this, the Dutch government imposed a ban on flights from Britain until January 1. Belgium has decided to suspend flights and trains for 24 hours. Italy and Austria are also preparing to impose similar sanctions. Germany has said it plans to cancel flights to South Africa, including Britain. Shipping from the British port of Dover has been suspended.

In Italy, doctors have identified a victim of a British-style corona strain. The victim and his family members arrived from the UK a few days ago, officials said.