A new type of virus is spreading in Rajahmundry

Positive for a woman from the UK
The mechanism is alerted to possible corona strain

Rajahmundry: A new type of corona virus is causing a stir. The district administration was alerted as per the directions of the central and state governments after a woman from Rajahmundry in East Godavari district from the UK came out positive. The woman left for Delhi on the AP Express on the 22nd of this month and reached Rajahmundry on Wednesday night. The woman, who reached Rajahmundry, was rushed to the Rajahmundry Government Hospital by Revenue, Medical, Health and Police officials in 108 ambulances. The woman and her son were taken to hospital with PPE kits. Deputy DMHVO Dr Komala oversaw the arrangements there. Many Anglo Indians and relatives of the woman from Ramakrishna Nagar came to the railway station and told her to be brave. Health officials said they would collect their blood samples today and send them for tests.

Virus New … Old: It has not yet been confirmed whether the woman who came to Rajahmundry from Britain is genetically modified virus or old coronavirus. The sanctions have been in place since September, when a new virus was reported in Britain. The woman, who arrived in Delhi on Monday night from London, was quoted as saying that she had come here without being in the quarantine. Police, Revenue and Medical Health officials reached her house and sought details.

Deputy DMHO Komala inspecting the medical camp at the airport

Tests at the airport: A special medical camp was set up at Rajahmundry Airport on Wednesday under the auspices of the Medical Health Department. The threat is expected to be less in the face of domestic services only at the airport. RT-PCR tests are performed on air passengers if their body temperature rises slightly or their oxygen level decreases. Steps were taken to allow them to travel only after the result came.

District Hospital Arrangements: In the wake of the latest developments, Rajamahendravaram has set up two separate isolation rooms in Prabhutvasupathi. There is no condition to confirm the new virus at the virology lab in Kakinada. That is why the Department of Health is taking steps to send these samples to the National Institute of Virology Lab in Pune.

When .. How: An Anglo-Indian couple living in Ramakrishnanagar, Rajahmundry, work in a school in the city. The husband first went to London to look for a job as his salary was not good enough in the wake of Kovid. Later the concerned woman went with her daughter. She is currently back here for a son.

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