A new type of virus in Britain … once again locked down

London: Health Secretary Matt Hankok said on Sunday that conditions in Britain were “out of control”. A new type of corona virus has been identified by medical experts here. With this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed another lockdown on Saturday. He said the sanctions would take effect from midnight on Saturday. In addition, the imposition of sanctions on Christmas celebrations in western and southeastern Britain, including the capital London, has sparked outrage among the public. Scotland banned travelers from England. This new type of virus is estimated to spread 70 percent faster than the previous strain. Boris Johnson announced that it was imposing tier-4 level restrictions as the corona took on a new form and spread. This tier-4 level is equivalent to a lockdown. This made it forbidden for people to go in and out of Tier 4 zone. Lockdown will continue in London until the public is vaccinated, Hunk said on Sunday. To date, Pfizer has delivered the first batch of BioMotech vaccine to 3,50,000 people.