A new type of corona virus in London … Cases double on weekdays

Interesting facts have been revealed in the wake of the corona second wave in Britain. Experts say that the virus that spreads a second time is very different from the type of corona virus that spreads in the early days. It has been revealed that the corona virus is currently spreading in London. As the severity of the virus increased, the number of cases doubled in just a week in many parts of the world, according to British Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Corona explained that tier-3 restrictions were imposed as the second wave was excerpted. He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. Hancock believes that the current vaccines may not have an effect on this new type of corona virus. Britain, like many other countries, has granted emergency approvals to the Pfizer Kovid vaccine. A pucca plan is devised to provide the vaccine to the public in order of priority.