A meeting to worry Mamata Banerjee if her party is bleeding rebels


  • Suvendu Adhikari is widely expected to join the BJP on Saturday
  • Party member Sunil Mondal and Asanol MLA have also expressed dissent
  • It is speculated that more Trinamool leaders are on their way out


A meeting in Bengal last night underscores that Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee’s rebel crisis could be worse than she expected.

After a dramatic resignation in the State Assembly on Wednesday afternoon, the Trinamool Congress rebel Suvendu Adhikari drove two hours away to the house of a party member.

Trinamool MP Sunil Mondal mourned a death and officially Mr. Adhikari went to offer his condolences. But it turned out to be a mini-summit of disgruntled Trinamool leaders.

In attendance was Jitendra Tiwari, a Trinamool MLA and former Mayor of Asansol, who complained Monday that his city had been denied central funding by his own government for political reasons. His party could not have liked his speech at a public meeting yesterday.

“It is a fact that in the Trinamool Congress after Mamata Banerjee Suvendu Adhikari is the party’s most popular leader. You can’t deny it. The leaders should have settled all the differences. They should have asked him what his problems were and sorted But.” they cannot even solve the problems of small leaders like me. How can they solve Suvendu Adhikari’s? “said Jitendra Tiwari.

He claims Mamata Banerjee called him on Friday for talks. After his outburst and meeting with Mr. Adhikari last night, it is not clear whether this meeting will take place.

“You want to be in control of everything. But when the party is gone, what can you do? Let the party survive,” he said without naming anyone.

Sunil Mondal, the host, also yesterday morning expressed dissatisfaction with Prashant Kishor, the election strategist Mamata Banerjee advised in her re-election campaign for the Bengal elections five months away. He also cursed Mr. Kishor’s I-PAC after the meeting.

“Those who speak of rebellion say they are angry because they are losing ground and are forced to speak out. Why doesn’t the party correct itself? That seems to be the cause of general anger. Why are they telling us People from I-PAC about this. Do you do this and that, even the color of the shirt we should be wearing? Then what about the role of the politicians? We want to talk to the Trinamool. They accept our point of view, great. Otherwise we have to see : “said Sunil Mondal.


Mr Adhikari has not made it official but is widely expected to join the BJP on Saturday. He will reportedly do so with great enthusiasm in the presence of one of the BJP’s leaders, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, who is visiting Bengal over the weekend.

It is speculated that more Trinamool leaders are on the way out, and some of them openly express their anger.

The Chief Minister’s camp has gone on the offensive.

Mamata Banerjee herself led the attack at her rally in Cooch Behar. “Some people will come and go with the tide. But the real Trinamool is intact,” she said before Mr. Adhikari’s resignation drama.

It also attacked the BJP for “shamelessly” shopping for its party leaders, even the best. “Can you imagine that you called the President of Trinamool, Subrata Bakshi, and said you wanted a meeting? Also Anubrata Mondal in Birbhum? What kind of politics is that?”
Anubrata Mondal is the Birbhum District Manager and is known to be close to Mamata Banerjee. She calls him the nickname “Keshto”.

Trinamool leaders claim that most people who could quit the party do so because they know they would not be selected as candidates for the state election.

Another section, according to Trinamool’s sources, could be subject to pressure from the central authority related, among other things, to ongoing investigations into coal theft and cow smuggling.