A huge scam in the name of the third TMC


Conspiracy to extort Rs 20,000 crore

Porlu put the sticks … sorry CM

KCR to go to jail for sure: Bandi Sanjay

New Delhi, December 14 (Andhra Pradesh): The BJP has termed the project related to the use of the third TMC under the Kaleswaram project as a huge scandal. ‘The Center has already clarified that it is difficult to allow third TMC works without providing a detailed project report (DPR). In the name of expansion, Rs. This is a conspiracy by the CM to extort Rs 20,000 crore from the public. The CM should first say why the DPR‌ is not being given.

Rs. The Kaleswaram project, which was originally designed at a cost of Rs 32,000 crore, was revised after the Center approved it. Increased to Rs 82 lakh crore. Asked why it has changed, there is no answer so far. Our state .. My waters are called our liking. Your state means .. Is your ayya jagira? Is your grandfather Jagira? To say. The onus is on the central government to prevent the looting of public property, ”said BJP state president Bandi Sanjay.

On October 3, the Engineer-in-Chief wrote a letter to the Central Water Board explaining that not a single distillate was being taken extra by the Third TMC works and that no additional one acre was being irrigated. Rs. Why spend Rs 20,000 crore? It is just filling the pockets of the contractors and doing it for commissions, ”Sanjay alleged.

Nora .. Tatimatta?

The Center also clarified in its meeting with the Apex Council that the DPR should be provided. NGT has also issued orders that the Center should abide by the decision. The Center said in a meeting with the Apex Council that a tribunal would be set up if a letter was issued regarding Godavari waters. CM KCR said that he will send the letter in one day .. Why was the letter not given even after 2 months? Sanjay said that KCR is Nora or Tatimattana.

The whole attack does not happen by saying

Sanjay said that there was no point in forgiving the CM KCR even if the fights were punished. CM KCR has made it clear that he is going to jail. He said that cases would be filed against KCR without fail and an investigation would be carried out after the complaints were lodged. For a while, reporters mentioned that there was a propaganda that investigative agencies like IT and ED were going to carry out attacks on the CM KCR.

Doubts over Delhi trip

‘Why did CM KCR come to Delhi? What was achieved? There are suspicions among the people about this visit .. TRS leaders are also confused. KCR is going to wage war on BJP. He came to Delhi just to cover up corruption. The CM, who has committed lakhs of crores of rupees of corruption and has been robbed of money, has come to Delhi and is bending over backwards, ‘said Sanjay.