A Chinese spacecraft that took off from the moon to earth with rocks and mud

The Chinese spacecraft that successfully landed on the moon flew back to Earth with the rocks and mud there. In three days it will reach the earth. This was stated by the Chinese National Space Administration. The spacecraft took off after activating four engines in the Change-5 for 22 minutes. It is going to land in northern China with about two kilograms of soil and rocks.

Scientists hope that by analyzing the soil and rocks it collects, it will be possible to learn more about the moon, as well as previously elusive things. After a gap of four decades, China recently successfully launched a lander to the moon. Earlier this month it landed on the lunar surface and collected 4.4 pounds of mud and rocks.

The Soviet Union’s Luna 24 probe was brought to Earth in 1976, and then again by China with probe models. It is said that the models carrying the China capsule may be a few billion years younger than the models brought to Earth by the missions of the United States and the Soviet Union.