900 crore lawsuit against the Prime Minister of that country

Rome: Relatives of Kovid-19 dead in Italy are demanding legal action against the country’s prime minister. A total of 500 people formed a group together and sued the government. They demanded compensation of Rs 900 crore for the damage done to them. They included the names of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Health Minister Roberto Speranza and Lombardy Governor Atilio Fontana in their lawsuit. Italy has been one of the most affected western countries since the corona virus first came to light. The virus was detected in the country in February and has so far caused more than 70,000 deaths. In terms of Europe, it ranks first in the world in terms of deaths, and fifth in the world. These figures show how much the country is choked with the virus.

In Lombardy, 500 people from the Bergamo area who were severely affected by the virus lost their lives. In April, they formed a group to protest the government’s reckless attitude and began a legal battle over the damage done to them. “It’s a Christmas present for those who have not fulfilled their responsibilities,” said Luca Fusco, who led the group. He accused the government of failing to impose a lockdown at a time when the virus was booming and of the financial damage it would bring. He blamed a lack of preparedness and a lack of planning. However, officials from the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Governor are yet to comment on the claim. Meanwhile, prosecutors have already questioned the country’s prime minister over the virus outbreak in Italy.

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