66,614 ‘Agri’ registrations: Rs 106.15 crore to state exchequer through Dharani |

Hyderabad, Velugu: CS Somesh Kumar has revealed that 66,614 agricultural land registrations have been done on Dharani portal till Sunday. CM KCR launched the Dharani portal on October 29 for registration of agricultural assets after the introduction of the new Revenue Act. The registration process started on November 2 and by the 20th of this month, the state exchequer had collected Rs 106.15 crore. 1.35 crore people visited Dharani portal in 52 days. CS said the agency has introduced a special module in Dharani for protection and registration of tribal lands in the areas. Of the 483 applications received from tribals in the agency area, 391 applications were examined. Of these, 346 applications were approved and 45 applications were rejected. 253 registrations are said to have been completed.

18,199 applications for mutation.

Despite land registration, 18,199 non-mutations in revenue records were applied for by Dharani. The government will get Rs 3.57 crore from mutations. Dharani has created a special module in the portal for Nala conversion. When this option became available 4 days ago, 365 applications were received to convert 545 acres of agricultural land into non-agricultural land. 49.15 lakh through these. CS also revealed that the Dharani portal has included a special module for asset mortgage, bankers module for loans, court case module to know the details of lands in court cases, NRIs graduate pass book.