54 years ago .. on the same day!


Singing Gandharva SP Balasubramanian finished his work in the underworld and went to the upper worlds just two months later. However, his song is still heard every day. He is making us feel close. Balu is a rare singer who has sung over 40,000 songs in 16 languages. Not only as a singer but also as a music director, actor and dubbing artist, he is a special chapter in the Indian film industry.

Balasubramanian, who took part in a song competition, was gifted with talent and sang for the first time with music director SP Kodandapani in ‘Sreesreesree Maryadaramanna’. On December 15, 1966, at six o’clock in the evening, the boy’s first song ‘What a strange fascination’ was recorded. That’s exactly 54 years ago today. This new voice attracted the Telugu audience and music lovers who were accustomed to the bell song till then. Soon that voice came closer to the audience. The boy never had a chance to look back from there.