5 The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs That Should Never Be Provoked

These zodiac signs shouldn’t be provoked as they can become uncontrollable in their tantrum and don’t think twice before harming someone.

    5 The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs That Should Never Be Provoked 5 The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs That Should Never Be Provoked

Every zodiac sign has a dark side. Each zodiac sign is a mixture of some negative and positive attributes. While there are some who can never harm a fly, there are others who can be quite dangerous and scary when worried.

These signs tend to have a more pronounced dark side than other zodiac signs and shouldn’t be provoked too much. They have little patience and can be uncontrollable in anger. Here are 5 such zodiac signs that are prone to commit a crime and inflict harm on themselves or others in anger.


Tauren want to be the best. If you see someone outsmart you, you will not tolerate it and will go out of your way to harm that person and bring them down.


Because Gemini are social and outgoing, there are many people who confide in them and share their deepest, darkest secret with them. But be careful, Gemini can use this to their advantage against you and will not think twice before deceiving you.


Cancer sufferers are passionate and sensitive souls. They get faster when outraged and can lose control. They can harm themselves or others in their tantrum.


Scorpios tend to have an anger problem. They get aroused easily and can become violent at times. They are very ambitious and want to succeed with hooks or crooks and can often get into trouble because of that attitude.


They are extremely money minded people. All they want in life is to be rich. They can do whatever they can to make their dream come true, betraying everyone in their own way.

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