3 IPS officials in charge of Nadda’s security in Bengal were published in the central deputation – news from India

The Union’s Interior Ministry on Thursday dispatched three officers from the Indian Police Service (IPS) from West Bengal, who are responsible for the security of the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), JP Nadda, to the central deputation for five years.

Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee hit back and tweeted that this was unconstitutional, a brazen attempt by the center to proxy control of the state machinery, and that the state would not bow.

According to senior government officials, the IG (South Bengal) Rajeev Mishra was appointed as the IG of the Indian-Tibetan Border Police, the DIG (Presidency Range) Praveen Tripathi as the DIG, Sashastra Seema Bal and the SP of Diamond Harbor, Bholanath Pandey, as the SP of the Bureau of Police Research and Development published.

On December 10, Nadda’s convoy was attacked in South 24 Parganas, a TMC stronghold. Nadda was en route to a BJP program in Diamond Harbor, the constituency of TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee. Banerjee is also the prime minister’s nephew.

“GoI’s order for the central deputation for the three serving IPS officers from West Bengal is a colorable exercise of power and an obvious abuse of the emergency care of the IPS Cadre Rule 1954, despite the objection of the state,” tweeted Banerjee on Thursday.

“This act is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to intervene in the judiciary of the state and demoralize the serving officials in WB. This step, especially before the elections, goes against the principles of the federal structure. It is unconstitutional and totally unacceptable, “she added.

“We would not allow this brazen attempt by the center to control the state machinery through proxy! West Bengal is not going to stand down to expansionist and undemocratic forces, ”she tweeted.

Shortly after the December 10th incident, MHA called back the three IPS officers from West Bengal. However, the Mamata Banerjee administration refused to release her. The center found the letter sent by the state on December 11th to be unsatisfactory.

The MHA wrote a new letter to the state government stating that it has violated the rules and pursuant to Section 6 (1) of the IPS cadre rule if there are differences of opinion between the center and the state, the decision of the former has priority.

A senior executive said the three must report to their respective posts immediately or they could take further action.