28 YO Man Jailed For Breaching COVID 19 Law To Meet Visit His Girlfriend | Corona: Arrived to meet girlfriends after traveling for four and a half hours, jailed! – Omg News

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It is said that all is fair in love and war. But this thing is also proved to be false at times. If not sure, then know the story of this Scottish man. 28-year-old Dale McLaughlin traveled 40 kilometers on Friday to Ramsey from the Isle of Whitney to meet his girlfriend. This journey took him four and a half hours. But sadly, the person who came to meet his girlfriend was imprisoned by the laws of the Corona epidemic.

Illegally Visited Island

According to the report, Dell had never driven a water scooter before. But for the sake of meeting his girlfriend, he crossed the Irish sea with the help of ‘Jet Ski’. The man admitted that he had illegally visited the island, after which he was sentenced to prison for four weeks. According to the current laws of Iceland, only non-residents can enter the Isle of Man with the help of special permission.

25 km on foot also…

The prosecutor told the court that Dell bought the vehicle and set out on a journey of about 40 km. He hoped that he would complete this journey in 40 minutes. But after reaching Rameses at 1 pm, he had to travel 25 km on foot to reach his girlfriend’s home in Douglas.

When I went to a nightclub with my girlfriend!

However, after reaching his girlfriend’s house, the two went to a nightclub. Where Dell also lied about his identity. But after serious questioning, he admitted that he reached here illegally. Police arrested Dale on Sunday. Let me tell you, before Dale was allowed to stay for 4 weeks in September in the island to do small work. Then he met his girlfriend one day after being isolated for 14 days.

Lawyer said- struggling with depression!

Dale is alleged to have deliberately tried to break the island’s law and increased the danger to people living here during the Corona epidemic. Whereas Dell’s lawyer said that he was struggling with depression and that is why he wanted to meet his girlfriend.