1975 Emergency: Supreme Notices to the Center!

New Delhi: A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court after a four-and-a-half-decade long hiatus following the imposition of emergency in India. An old woman has approached the Supreme Court of India to declare the 1975 Emergency ‘completely unconstitutional’. The apex court bench which took up the matter sought the response of the Central Government.

Veera Sarin, a 94-year-old woman, recently approached the Supreme Court to declare the 1975 Emergency unconstitutional. The bench of Justice SK Kaul agreed to hear her request. However, is this request, which came after a 45-year hiatus, possible for an actual trial? Is it necessary? The apex court said it would also look into the matter. ‘We have some problems. The state of emergency should not have been imposed, ‘the apex court said during the hearing. If so, It is well known that the country declared a state of emergency on June 25, 1975 when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. The state of emergency, which lasted for almost 21 months, was lifted in March 1977.

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