1. in 5 months: 7-day average of daily cases below 30,000 | India News

India average daily number of Covid cases fell below 30,000 for the first time in more than five months. The average number of deaths reported daily has also dropped below 400.
The seven-day moving average of daily cases fell below the 30,000 mark that Sunday. On the same day, the seven-day average of daily deaths fell below 400. The daily average currently stands at 27,764 cases, a 70% decrease from the high of 93,735 on September 17.
As on Wednesday, the 7-day average of daily deaths was 392, exactly a third of the high of 1,176 deaths on September 19.
The seven day moving average indicates the average number of daily cases / deaths reported in the past week from a given day. It is considered a more reliable indicator of the trend as it reduces the daily fluctuations in the numbers.
The rolling graph of Average Daily Cases in India has been steadily declining since the peak of September 17th, except for the short climb Mid-November and a plateau the week before Diwali (14th November).
Average daily deaths have also declined almost continuously since September 19, with the exception of three brief spikes in November.
Meanwhile, India recorded 28,465 new Covid cases on Wednesday, a slight increase from the 26,239 infections detected the previous day, according to data from TOI State governments. That brings the total number of cases in India to 99,51,060. The number fell by nearly 10,000 as Maharashtra reduced the total number of cases by that number after a major reconciliation exercise to remove duplicate entries and those who had emigrated from the state.
Wednesday’s increase in cases was largely due to higher numbers that have been reported Kerala, which recorded 6,185 new cases, the highest in the country for the second day in a row. The state reported 5,218 cases on Tuesday.
Maharashtra (4,304 new cases), Rajasthan (1,247), Karnataka (1,240) and Tamil Nadu (1,181) recorded a slight increase in new infections since the previous day. In states like Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.
The death toll remained below 400 for the fifth straight day, with 357 deaths recorded that day. India’s total death toll from the pandemic was now 1.44,447. Maharashtra continued to record the highest number of Covid deaths with 95 more deaths on Wednesday. Bengal reported the second highest daily toll of 46, followed by Delhi (32), Kerala (27) and Punjab (18).